Saint John of Beverley. 1350-1400. Showing
the figure of the Saint in front of a letter 'B', he
was the favoured Saint of sailors, merchants
and criminals. Height 4cm. Price £ 2.00.
Crowned 'R'. 1350-1400. There are many
different crowned letters, but it may be that
this letter refers to Richard III. Height 3.5cm.
Price £ 2.00.
Maria Monogram. Within the letter 'M'
are the figures of Gabriel and the Virgin.
Height 3.5cm. Price £ 2.00.
Catherine Wheel. 1350-1400. Shwing the
spiked wheel on which Saint Catherine was
tortured before her execution. Diameter 4cm.
Price £ 2.00.
The Pelican in her piety. The pelican was
believed to pluck flesh from her own breast,
feeding her young on the blood, and so was
looked upon as a symbol of the redemption
of man. Diameter 4cm. Price £ 2.00.
The Agnus Dei. 1350-1400. Showing the
Lamb of God, a reference to the words of
John the Baptist who said of Jesus "Behold
the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin
of the world". The banner is an emblem of
the Resurrection. Diameter 4cm. Price £ 2.00.