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Welcome to a page that can take you all over the place, and
hopefully introduce you to people and organisations you have
only dreamt of
. Its a small list at the moment, so I welcome
any recomendations you have for worthwhile additions.

Devoted to the medieval reenactment
scene in Britain.

Specialists in all manner of replicas.

Devoted to British reenactment.

A small group of very dedicated reenactors, who
form a household of the english civil war period.

The most comprehensive international
reenactment listings magazine.

Every dedicated reenactor needs good research
and a knowledgeable, specialist bookselle
r can
be a real help. This is where I go.

A sophisticated and extensive web site for
reenactors of most periods. If you can't find
what you're looking for here then give up!

This is a site that brings together merchants who
concentrate on the period between the middle
ages and the end of the sixteenth century. As such
they tend to concentrate on serving the needs of
members of the Society for Creative Anachronisn.

"From a time of Myths and Legends, we bring
the facts and fantasies. For people or businesses
interested in the Middle Ages Worldwide".

"The Scriptorium is a general resource for the
medieval period. Created by re-enactors of the
Wars of the Roses period this site aims to offer
a source of information directly related to the

This is the new site, boasting an onboard
search engine, a currency converter for
U.S dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian
dollars and the Euro. In addition to this
transactions can be made online using
full e-commerce security. All new work
will only be featured on this site.