With pewter handles cast onto stainless steel knives and forks, the sets are described from left to right.

Dutch Travelling Set. Dated around 1600 and based on a set that was illustrated
in a dutch still-life, (a postcard someone sent me). Forks did not generally
appear in England until the mid-seventeenth century, but in Europe and Italy their
use was fashionable from the late sixteenth century. Length (fork) 17cm, (knife)
17.3cm. Price £19.50.

Wedding Set (small). Dated 1626 and based on originals in the Victoria and
Albert Museum, and also on the many artists pattern books, that originated in
Europe and had a great influence on the goldsmiths in England. Length (fork)
17.4cm, (knife) 17.8cm. Price £22.50.

Wedding Set (large). Length (fork) 21.8cm, (knife) 25.5cm. Price £29.50.

1680's Cutlery Set. Originally gold plate on silver. Illustrated in "The Art of
the European Goldsmith -Silver from the Shroder Collection". The ornate
decoration is based on the acanthus leaf. Length (fork) 18cm, (knife) 18.3cm.
Price £22.50.

1720's Cutlery Set. Hanovarian 'pistol-grip' handles. Illustrated in "English
Domestic Silver", published by the National Trust. Length (fork) 16.2cm,
(knife) 17.5cm. Price £19.50.