Vulva on horseback. 1375-1425.
Dutch. The mounted vulva figure
is crowned and brandishes a flail
and a crossbow.
Length 4.5cm. Height 4.7cm.
Price £ 2.00.
Flying Phallus. 1375-1425. Dutch.
The phallus animal wears a rumbler
bell at its neck and has wings. This
is perhaps the most widespread form
of profane badge.
Length 4.3cm. Height 4.5cm.
Price £ 2.00.
Phallus and Vulva. 1375-1425. Dutch.
The two animals stand above a banner
which reads "Madelin" for Mary
Magdelin, the patron saint of prostitutes.
Length 4.8cm. Height 4.5cm.
Price £ 2.00.
Running Phallus. 1400-1450.
Dutch. The phallus animal wears
a bell. The figure on top pushes
a wheelbarrow in which there
are a further three phalluses.
Length 5.7cm. Height 5cm.
Price £ 2.50.

If anybody out there can help me get hold of the catalogue of profane medieval
brothel tokens, published by the Cluny Museum in Paris I should be very grateful.