You may either make up your own belts using the range of castings
shown above, or have me make the belt up for you in which case you
can specify which belt mounts you would like. The belts are made up
of the buckle, 20 belt mounts, and then the strap-end or chape. The price
of making up a belt is £12.50 plus the cost of the castings which are
illustrated below. If you wish to make your own belt then the technique
is to drill a hole, push the shaft or rivet through the leather, and then
hammer the shaft so as to spread the pewter and make a tight fit. If you
work on another piece of leather then the hammering will not deform
the mount. For best results use the rounded end of a ball-pein
hammer and strike at the edges of the pewter shaft rather than
directly down on it.

Buckle and Strap-end or Chape.1400-1450. Consisting cross-hatched and plain roundels. The buckle has a box section to take the belt which is fastened by two rivets.
Price £ 9.50.
Fleur de Lys mount. 1400-1450.
Height 1.8cm.
Price £ 3.50 for ten.
Star mount. 1400-1450.
Diameter 1.8cm.
Price £ 3.50 for ten.
Round mount with jewel. 1400-1450.
Set with a foil backed glass jewel. Very
similar to a button dated as early as 1230,
which shows the persistance of popular
styles. Available in red or blue. Dia. 1.6cm.
Price £ 6.00 for ten.
Scallop Shell mount. 1400-1450. The
most popular symbol of pilgrimage.
Height 1.8cm.
Price £ 3.50 for ten.
Sexfoil mount. 1400-1450. With
domed and concave cross-hatched
lobes. Diameter 1.8cm.
Price £ 3.50 for ten.
Six pointed Star. 1270-1350. The
raised hexagram holds a red glass
jewel. Diameter 1.8cm.
Price £ 5.00 for ten.
Star in Circle. 1400-1450.
Six pointed star in abeaded
circular surround. Diameter 1.8cm.
Price £ 3.50 for ten.