Elizabeth I. 1558-1603. From left to right: Shilling, sixpence, groat, half-
groat, penny, halfpenny. The latin motto "Posui Deum Adivtorum Meum"
translates to "I have made the Lord my helper". Six coin set. Price £ 3.50.

Elizabeth I Angel (10/-). Gilt plate on pewter. Bearing the figure of St. Michael
casting out the demon. As disease and illness were associated with the casting
out of devils and demons, so these coins were often pierced and worn as
"touch-pieces". Also, when the monarch performed the ceremony of "the
laying on of hands" to cure scrofula, (the kings evil), an angel coin was
given to those who were touched. Diameter 3.2cm. Price £ 2.50 each.

Elizabeth I Sovereign (30/-). Gilt plate on pewter. The latin on the reverse:
"A Domino Factum Et Istud Et Est Mirabilis In Oculis Nostris" translates to
"This is the Lords doing and it is marvellous in our eyes". Diameter 4.4cm.
Price £ 3.50 each.

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